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How Earth Observation Data Is Saving The Mangrove Ecosystem In Sierra Leone

25 October 2019

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Mangroves are groups of trees and shrubs that live in coastal intertidal zones. Mangroves stabilize the coastline and provide a critical ecosystem for fish and other organisms, thus making them important lifelines for human and other species alike. But the mangroves in Sierra Leone are disappearing due to coastal erosion.

Human activities around the mangroves have led to landslides and the destruction of homes along the shoreline. As some of the land on the shoreline sinks, the tides rise and erode groves of trees, making it difficult for more trees to grow. In 2017, flooding in Freetown led to landslides, which destroyed homes and other property, and caused the deaths of around 1,000 people.

Source: Space in Africa

Image credit: UNDP Sierra Leone - Abrahaim Jarwarah after the August 2017 mudslide in Freetown, Sierra Leone.