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NASA Estimates Hurricane Dorian’s Massive Rainfall Track

09 September 2019

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On Monday morning, 09 September, Hurricane Dorian was a post-tropical storm after a mid-latitude weather front and cold seas had altered its tropical characteristics over the weekend. NASA compiled data on Hurricane Dorian and created a map that showed the heavy rainfall totals it left in its wake from the Bahamas to Canada.

On Saturday and Sunday, 07 and 08 Sept., Hurricane Dorian struck eastern Canada, causing wind damage and bringing heavy rainfall. According to the Associated Press, a peak of 400,000 people were without power in Nova Scotia, Canada, because of Dorian.

Source: NASA

Image credit: NASA Goddard - At one-day intervals, the image shows the distance that tropical-storm force (39 mph) winds extended from Hurricane Dorian's low-pressure center, as estimated by the National Hurricane Center.