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Pasco-based plane helps capture climate-change affecting particles

15 August 2013

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A Gulfstream-1 plane at Pasco's Tri-Cities Airport may help researchers better understand the mystery of how particles from wildfires change the atmosphere.

So far this summer, the plane has flown 11 times over wildfires in the Pacific Northwest, sucking in air to feed a dazzling array of equipment. Most recently, researchers flew 3,000 feet over a fire that covered more than 100,000 acres near Boise.

The data collected on the particles - too small to see with the naked eye - will help researchers understand the effect aerosols have on climate change and what the Earth's climate may look like in 50 to 100 years. And that's information that can be used to help make policy decisions, said Larry Kleinman, one of the lead investigators for the Biomass Burning Observation Project.

Source: Tri-City Herald