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Satellites becoming vital to international development

01 November 2013

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In just five years, the partnership between the World Bank and the European Space Agency has shown that Earth observation is a critical - and some would argue, indispensable - tool in international development. The collaboration that began in 2008 with small-scale projects in Bangladesh, Peru/Bolivia, and Tunisia, has been expanded to cover a wide range of projects in more than 20 countries on three continents.

Access to satellite monitoring data is especially important in developing countries, says Zoubida Allaoua, a director in the World Bank's Sustainable Development Network.

"One of the most difficult tasks facing developing countries is how to monitor large areas with limited resources," she explained on an industry website. "The use of satellite technology in our work is ground-breaking in its ability to track information across hundreds of thousands of kilometres, in a manner that's highly reliable and cost effective but not intrusive."

Source: Earthzine

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