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Special dataset for GOCE re-entry

11 April 2014

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A special dataset, covering the 20 days of the GOCE re-entry, has been made public through the GOCE Virtual Online Archive. Please see also the dedicated page on Earth Online describing the dataset.

GOCE de-orbiting was started at an equatorial altitude of 224 Km, on 20 October 2013, as the Ion thruster was switched off and GOCE was left to free-fall in the atmosphere.

GOCE eventually disintegrated in the atmosphere on 11 November 2013, at the extremely low altitude of around 115 km.

During GOCE de-orbiting and re-entry, all instruments continued working almost to the end, making this dataset unique.

Source: Earth Online

Image credit: ESA/AOES-Medialab - Artist's concept of GOCE

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