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Unclouding our view of future climate

21 May 2014

A NASA-led study may help narrow the range of climate models' global temperatures forecasts. It finds models that best match today's satellite records.

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Hidden Greenland canyons mean more sea level rise

19 May 2014

Scientists at NASA and the University of California, Irvine (UCI), have found that canyons under Greenland's ocean-feeding glaciers are deeper and longer than previously thought, increasing the amount of Greenland's estimated contribution to future sea level rise.

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Mini-satellites send high-definition views of Earth

16 May 2014

Imagine being able to monitor deforestation tree by tree - and act accordingly. Or, as a farmer, remotely monitoring the health and yield of crops on a daily basis over huge swathes of land.

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NASA-UCI study indicates loss of West Antarctic glaciers appears unstoppable

12 May 2014

A new study by researchers at NASA and the University of California, Irvine, finds a rapidly melting section of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet appears to be in an irreversible state of decline, with nothing to stop the glaciers in this area from melting into the sea.

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Sentinel-1 aids response to Namibia flood

09 May 2014

While Sentinel-1A is clearly demonstrating its versatility for monitoring many aspects of Earth, it has already been used for practical purposes. One of the satellite's first images was crucial in helping Namibian authorities decide how to respond to a serious flood.

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NASA uses GPS to find Sierra water weight

08 May 2014

For the first time, NASA scientists have used GPS to find the total weight of winter snowpack and soil moisture in California's Sierra Nevada. The new results complement other satellite measurements and could provide a reality check for computer models used to estimate the state's water and snowpack.

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Satellite analysis reveals massive size of Afghan landslide

08 May 2014

Heavy rains that begun in April in northern Afghanistan have caused flooding and one catastrophic landslide that killed an unknown number of people. Additional flash floods and landslides continue to affect tens of thousands of people in many parts of the northern region while forecasts indicate more bad weather is to be expected.

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International team maps nearly 200,000 glaciers in quest of sea-level rise estimates

06 May 2014

An international team led by glaciologists from the University of Colorado Boulder and Trent University in Ontario, Canada has completed the first mapping of virtually all of the world's glaciers -- including their locations and sizes -- allowing for calculations of their volumes and ongoing contributions to global sea rise as the world warms.

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Hot and dry - but why?

05 May 2014

Using satellite data, scientists are improving their understanding of the relationship between droughts and heatwaves in order to forecast hot spells better in the future.

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CWI in European research project precision farming

30 April 2014

Increasingly, remote sensing data is made publicly available by organisations such as ESA and NASA. Based on these data, and in combination with other sources, new valuable applications can be created. In the European research project "Linked Open Earth Observation Data for Precision Farming" (LEO) researchers from the Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica in Amsterdam and the University of Athens join their forces with industry partners to develop an application for precision farming.

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NASA puzzles out ozone's ups and downs

25 April 2014

New NASA research on natural ozone cycles suggests ozone levels in the lowest part of Earth's atmosphere probably won't be affected much by projected future strengthening of the circulating winds that transport ozone between Earth's two lowest atmospheric layers.

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NASA satellites show drought may take toll on Congo rainforest

23 April 2014

A new analysis of NASA satellite data shows Africa's Congo rainforest, the second-largest tropical rainforest in the world, has undergone a large-scale decline in greenness over the past decade.

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UV-radiation data to help ecological research

22 April 2014

Researchers at the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ) have processed existing data on global UV-B radiation in such a way that scientists can use them to find answers to many ecological questions.

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CMA's FY-03 satellite joined the International Charter

21 April 2014

Together with the Gaofen-1 satellite, a high-resolution observation satellite of China, the FY-03 meteorological satellite of China Meteorological Administration (CMA) joined the International Charter "Space and Major Disasters", which was recognised by the 31st session of the Charter in Beijing on 14-17 April.

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NASA sees Earth from orbit: 2013

21 April 2014

A fleet of orbiting satellites monitors Earth constantly. The satellites from NASA and other space agencies give us a fresh, wide perspective on things that we can see from the ground - and things that we can't.

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Satellite analysis supports damage assessment in Solomon Islands

16 April 2014

The Solomon Islands have been dramatically impacted by floods that began in early April and continued for over one week causing 21 deaths and an estimated 52,000 affected across Honiara City and greater Guadalcanal.

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Special dataset for GOCE re-entry

11 April 2014

A special dataset, covering the 20 days of the GOCE re-entry, has been made public through the GOCE Virtual Online Archive. Please see also the dedicated page on Earth Online describing the dataset.

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China uses satellite, drones to fight pollution

09 April 2014

China is using satellites and drones to detect air pollution around Beijing and the practice will be expanded, the Ministry of Environmental Protection said on Wednesday.

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'Like a giant elevator to the stratosphere'

03 April 2014

An international team of researchers headed by Potsdam scientist Dr. Markus Rex from the Alfred Wegener Institute has discovered a previously unknown atmospheric phenomenon over the South Seas.

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NSIDC, NASA say Arctic melt season lengthening, ocean rapidly warming

31 March 2014

The length of the melt season for Arctic sea ice is growing by several days each decade, and an earlier start to the melt season is allowing the Arctic Ocean to absorb enough additional solar radiation in some places to melt as much as four feet of the Arctic ice cap’s thickness, according to a new study by National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) and NASA researchers.

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